Thursday, May 28

A Candid Conversation with Vicente Wolf

A very limited number of Vicente Wolf’s stunning Namibia photos remain. I have had several requests for more details about the photos and many have asked to see larger, higher resolution images. I have included a few of my favorites. You can enlarge each photo by clicking on the image. You really must, the details are just brilliant! I have also included a recent and candid conversation with the inimitable Vicente Wolf.

These photos were all shot in Sossusvlei with you enduring a fractured arm. I guess at the very least it makes for an interesting backstory.

Yes, shortly after my arrival in Namibia I fractured my arm and bruised my face when I lost control of a quad bike going down a steep dune. After some time at the doctor’s office and traveling with my arm in a sling through Namibia for almost two weeks I arrived at Sossusvlei, the largest ecological preserve in Africa. Inspired by the incredible color of the enormous sand dunes and the austerity of the environment, I started to photograph for the first time during my trip.

Really, Sossusvlei was the first place you shot photos after 2 weeks in Namibia? How long did it take to capture these six images?

I know, hard to believe but true. These shots were all done in one day. After driving three hours from our camp (before sunrise), we walked for 25 minutes, sidestepping the tracks of snakes and lizards, just as the sun was rising to give us the full play of light over sand dunes. It started with me snapping some shots and ended in a full day of exhilaration where color, graphicness and a sense of awe combined to create these images.

In composing these shots I started with the surreal quality that these dried out trees gave the environment and from there composed different setting. As the sun came over Big Daddy - the highest dune of the lot, rising more than 1,000 feet (300m) at a 45 degree angle – a full light show took place, altering the perspective of the environment and turning dried grasses into radiant torches of light.

Namibia is a minimalist’s dream.

From the moment I saw the photos I was struck by the colors. They are so vivid and the shades of reds are truly stunning.

The colors really are just amazing. Namibia is considered to be the oldest desert in the world, having endured arid or semi-arid conditions for at least 80million years. The red coloring of the sand is an indication of its age. Slow iron oxidization and fragments of garnets cause the color change – the older the dune, the brighter its color. The other thing that you only realize when you’re standing in front of the dune is the sheer size of these sand piles. It could take you an hour to climb to the top of a sand dune.

The images are both beautiful and surreal. You must have been overwhelmed by the vastness and beauty.

Overwhelmed and enraptured. Namibia is one of the most beautiful and surreal environments that I have ever encountered. Standing in the blazing sun, looking at the enormity of the dunes around me and the shadows cast by stark trees, as the sun turn shadowed sands into a mirage of orange, red and mauve I realized that as a traveler, you suffer airport delays for moments like these.

If you would like more details, you can contact Susan Moolman, Director of Public Relations for Vicente Wolf ( You can view all of the photos on our dedicated webpage. There is a limited run of three (3) prints per image. All prints available in two sizes (24” x 30” - $1,700.00) and (18” x 24” - $1,400.00). The frame options are white or black.


ABC Dragoo said...

I am so delighted that you posted higher resolution photos. Even these hardly do them justice!

I feel pretty lucky that I was able to see them in person at the initial viewing. They are particularly gorgeous. The colorful ones are incredible, but the black and white printed on textured paper -- those are my favorites!

Whomever gets these prints are truly lucky. I saw them at the event and am still thinking about them! To live with one and see it every day -how dreamy.

pve design said...

ditto abc dragoo!
in person, they are spectacular and knowing the story of his journey makes them all the more special.

Anne said...

Thank you for making them larger. So beautiful. I would really love to own one...hmmmmmm

Hammocks & High Tea said...

I love the layers, each image has so much depth. beautiful!

jen laceda said...

Great interview!

Cote de Texas said...

these are really interesting - hard to believe he took them on the same day. there is such a surreal quality to the photos - they actually look like paintings. very beautiful!

Brillante Home Decor said...

As a photographer I really appreciate the extraordinary quality of this images, as a designer I believe they would be a great addition to any room. They would be perfect in a contemporary house but also intriguing in a classic one.

Sara Baldwin said...

Holy cow. What a treat. I don't see much photography I'd give house room to, but these are truly magnificent. Bravo and thanks for sharing.