Friday, May 8

Oh Domino

Yesterday I received an email from former Domino editor Tori Mellott informing me of an amazing tag sale that is to take place this Saturday. Oh how I wish I were still in New York. I promised Tori that I would post the details for anyone in the area. There is also a feature in the New York Times.

Rita Konig will be turning out a few goods, as will Wendy Goodman, Brian Sawyer, Katie Ridder and Tom Flynn, among many others. Deborah Needleman, Domino’s editor in chief, will be bringing clothes — a wardrobe that includes Lanvin, Prada and Chloé.

If you can make please report back with all the details!

Saturday, May 9,2009
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
at 13 West Ninth Street (Fifth Avenue), garden apartment
cash only


pve design said...

We wish you were still in NY too for this TAG sale.

Renee Finberg said...

you are sooooo good !

xx have a sweet weekend

c'est moi said...

I want to hear about how this went! Who got great deals? Pics of good finds? Sounded like an amazing (dare I say, historic) tag sale!