Monday, May 11

Mr & Mrs Smith BlackSmith Card Winner

The Lower End House in the Cotswolds, set on a 260-acre working farm, is just one of the many affordable and fabulous Smith boutique hotels.

Congratulations to Amy Tomaszewski, the winner of the Mr & Mrs Smith BlackSmith Card ($20/£15 value). After four months of partnering with Mr & Mrs Smith and two hotel reviews later (putting the finishing touches on my New York hotel review today), I can assure you this travel company is the all the best!

Though relatively new in the US market, Mr & Mrs Smith books are equivalent to a secular bible in the UK. It is THE place people turn to for the coolest, sexiest and most romantic hotels around the globe.

There are many great benefits in becoming a Smith Card Member and booking a hotel with Mr & Mrs Smith. For starters, you are always are guaranteed the best rates at time of booking (member or not), there are no booking fees, all Smith hotels are hand-picked and reviewed anonymously, and the one perk I really love, you receive special gifts when you check-in using your Smith Membership Card.

Just in time for the summer holidays, the Mr & Mrs Smith website is featuring a list of 57 affordable boutique hotels—Luxe-For-Less. Click here for their complete guide.