Saturday, September 1

New York

Hollywould Nolita Boutique

Next month I am off to New York. Actually it’s my first trip to NYC, if you don’t count flying into Newark or driving though the city on the way to Cape Cod.

Last week I received a lovely handwritten note from Courtney Cochran asking me if I wanted to come to New York for the launch of her new book Hip Tastes. Well of course it sounded too good to pass up. I booked a ticket and my sister decided that she would fly up from Texas.

Courtney’s book launch and signing will be at Holly Dunlap’s amazingly glamorous shop Hollywould in Nolita.

I am also planning to catch up with fellow blogger Habitually Chic. It should prove to be a great trip! If you know of any must visit places, do let me know.


Anonymous said...

The white coral lamps are nice!

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi frenchy, thank you for stopping by my blog. I love those lamps too!!

Pigtown*Design said...

WOW! Lucky you. NYC is the most fun. Soho, Madison Avenue, all the parts. I am trying to schedule a day up there in the fall.

katiedid said...

Ronda! You do know the best people! I hope you have a great time. Your trip sounds terrific. Say "hi" to HC for me!:)

Unknown said...

Wow your're first time to NYC. Well you will be in good hands with Habitually Chic. I am sure she will point you in all the right directions. You should check out the Slim Aarons retrospective. Please ask HC to corner Albert Hadley when she next sees him and graciously ask him for an interview!! Have a wonderful, fantastic time.

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi Katie, I can't wait!! I will tell HC hello.

ALL THE BEST said...

I am really excited Patricia and I definitely want to see the Slim Aarons retrospective (need to check dates).
I'll ask HC about Mr. Hadley. At the rate she is going it would not surprise me to see an Albert Hadley interview on her blog one day!!

Anonymous said...

wow, your premier trip to ny! take a look at mrs.blandings blog and see my illustration that I did for her ny trip!
love to do an illustration for you!
love your blog!

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi pve design, I just sent you an email from your beautiful website. Thank you so very much for your kind words!

Sarah Dennis said...

Oh Ronda I can't believe you're coming to my town!!!! That's fantastic. New York is full of visual eye candy and has "ALL THE BEST" things you could image.

Well you know I'm a lover of tabletop so please allow me to give you just a few of favorite stores to find the best tabletop/home items:

1. ABC Carpet & Home -
888 Broadway at 19th Street (THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST)!
2. Ankasa - 225 West 39th Street.
3. Anthropologie - 50 Rockefeller Plaza.
4. Andrianna Shamaris - 121 Greene Street.
5. Michael Aram - 136 W 18th St.
6. Baccarat - 625 Madison Ave
7. Barney’s - 660 Madison Ave
8. Bergdorf Goodman - 754 Fifth Ave nr. 57th Street (GO STRAIGHT TO THE 7th FLOOR).
9. Charlotte Moss Townhouse - 20 East 63rd Street.
10. Clio Home - 92 Thompson St.
11. John Derian - 6 east 2nd St.
12. Aero - 419 Broome St.
13. The Terence Conran Shop - 407 East 59th Street
14. Takasimaya - 693 Fifth Ave
15. Ralph Lauren - 888 Madison Avenue
16. Moss - 146 Green St at Houston
17. Karkula - 68 Gansevoort
18. La Cafetiere - 10 9th Ave.
19. Aero - 419 Broome St.
20. Calypso Home - 199 Lafayette

I'm know you're in good hands with HC, but I wanted to chime in with my suggestions. Enjoy NYC and let me know how everything goes.

ALL THE BEST said...

Sarah you are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you.

Unknown said...

How fun to be going to NY for the first time! You will love it especially with all the great advice form everyone. I will be there on the 12th to the 15th for a book signing of my own. Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

You're coming this way!! How bout a side trip to the 'burbs? LOL. Not so exciting, but I'd love to meet you in the city for a drink sometime.. let me know :)

(OMG, do I sound like a crazy stalker?)