Saturday, January 10

Shopping on Saturday

I have a new favorite hostess gift to give this year. I just adore these beautiful pewter wishbones designed by Tamara Hensick. It's a thoughtful, yet tiny reminder to believe in the power of dreams.

Each wishbone is handcrafted in Los Angeles and sold as a set of seven. You could easily breakup the set and tuck one wishbone in with a gift, tie one around a bottle of wine or give the box of seven to a special person - one wish for each day of the week. Here's to dreaming and wishing you all the best in 2009!

The Ledgend of the Wishbone:

Legend has it that the Etruscans began the wishbone tradition. They believed chickens had fortune telling powers, so in the event that a chicken was killed and consumed for a meal, the sacred collarbone was saved and left to dry in the sun. Tribe members were allowed to make a wish while stroking the drying bone.

The Romans took many of the Etruscan customs as their own and since everyone wanted good fortune, they fought over the bones, breaking them. The tradition eventually was passed on to Europe and America.

It is said that the phrases "I need a lucky break" or "I never get a break" come from being the loser in this tug of chicken bone contest.

$40.00 for a box of seven


Beth said...

FANTASTIC gift idea!

Debra said...

What a great gift suggestion.
Even tucking them into a nicely folded dinner napkin and asking guests to make some sort of wish. Lots of possibilities for these little sweeties. A few years ago Sundance offered a little sack holding small pewter hearts. When visiting special friends I might slip one someplace for them to find later- it was fun.

ALL THE BEST said...

What a great idea Debra! These would be great as gifts on the Thanksgiving table. I need to stock up on a few boxes!!

Karena said...

A wonderful fift idea. Lovely ways to use them for topping gifts or tied in a dinner napkin....Wishing all the Best!

Renee Finberg said...

that is definitely a great little present for the hostess.

i can just imagine, each little wishbone that she gives away will have a reason behind the giving of it.

maybe to a child, maybe just to cheer a friend over coffee......
indeed,they are thoughtful.


jae said...

Hi Ronda,
I am a huge fan of these wishbones.....kind of goes without saying since next to the sparklers they are one of my biggest sellers. There are so many ways to use these and they are always a hit. I even have larger pewter ones that I put a cord around and wear as a necklace. It was the perfect accessory at Thanksgiving!

ALL THE BEST said...

Jae I am so glad that you left a comment!!! I have been trying to find your blog and website! Thank you!

Brittny said...

How interesting and what a unique gift idea!

michelle said...

Oh, I love these...I'm going to have to get them!

Thanks...I love your blog, and have added you to my faves.