Tuesday, January 6

My Favorite Things: Ernest de la Torre

I do hope that you all have enjoyed reading the favorite things holiday series as much as I have enjoyed posting each and every one. Last, but by no means least, is the brilliant Ernest de la Torre. Ernest was one of the first designers that I interviewed for Decorati and has become a fast favorite. What I appreciate most is his instinctive eye for architecture and design, and the subtle influences of David Adler and Mies van der Rohe in his work. Ernest has also designed a full range of unique custom furniture with textiles soon to follow.

Favorite gift to give this year?
Any number of items I collect during the year as gifts.

Favorite gift to receive?

Favorite way to celebrate the holidays?
In front of a fire at my country house.

Favorite luxury in life?
My country house.

Favorite current book?
A Thousand Years of Solitude

Favorite holiday song?

Favorite party clothes?
Plaid corduroy dinner jacket from Hermes.

Favorite cookie?
Bottino Oatmeal Raisin

Favorite city?
New York and Lucca Italy in the summer.

Favorite place to shop?
My closet or Hermes!

Favorite movie to watch again and again?
Any Harry Potter film. Each time you see some new visual effect!


Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Cool Q&A.

Maria Killam said...

*sigh* one day when I'm interviewed, my favourite luxury will be 'my country house' :)

pve design said...

I like that he likes cash.

Suzy said...

Great interview, as all of them have been over the holidays - well done!

Anonymous said...

Did he mean One Hundred Years of Solitude???

Anonymous said...

Did he mean One Hundred Years of Solitude?