Monday, January 26

A New Partnership + Giveaway

I am thrilled to announce my new partnership with the super chic and well-respected luxury travel specialist Mr & Mrs Smith. One of my favorite pastimes, among many, is researching hotels, villas and holiday destinations. Part of the attraction to moving abroad was the promise of travel and romantic weekends away with my husband, and so one of my very first purchases was Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection UK and Ireland.

Long before Brad and Angelina tried to obscure their identities as skilled assassins, the Brits had there own terminology for a sexy, romantic tryst—‘a Mr and Mrs Smith weekend’. In 2003, James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy launched Mr & Mrs Smith, a boutique hotel booking service and a series of hip travel books, representing the coolest, sexiest and most romantic hotels around the globe.

The first Mr & Mrs Smith book Hotel Collection UK and Ireland, became an instant hit in the UK and a secular bible for couples wanting the perfect romantic weekend away. For those in the know, Mr & Mrs Smith is THE place to turn for travel tips and hip hotels. The hotel collection now features 30+ destinations in the United States and is looking to make a big splash across the pond.

The Bowery Hotel
New York, United States

Their latest title, Mr & Mrs Smith The Global Shortlist, is a carefully curated collection of hotels and irreverent travel tips. Featuring 30 hotels, from atmospheric chateaux to glamorous retreats, this stunning guide stands out for its beautiful photography and the trademark Smith attention to detail.

Every hotel is visited and assessed by the Smith travel team before being experienced anonymously by a couple for the review. After a weekend stay, each reviewer recounts his or her own evocative first-person tale. A few reviewers include: Dita von Teese, Stella McCartney Philip Treacy and Bee Shaffer. I am honored to now be included as a reviewer among such stellar company.

In addition to all the above-mentioned accolades, The Global Shortlist is brimming with witty text. If you have ever wanted to know how to mix the perfect minibar cocktail or play a proper game of strip poker, you will find all the details in this beautiful book.

Castello di Vicarello
Tuscany, Italy

I especially love all of the useful travel phrases translated into many languages - "Take me to your leader", "Please call off your violin player" or "Shaken, not stirred" are just a few translated in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Portuguese.

Each book comes with an exclusive BlackSmith membership card (a $20/£10 value), entitling you to a year of upgrades, discounts and other little extras (a free bottle of champagne, a gourmet picnic hamper or late check-out) when you book online.

Bellinter House
County Meath, Ireland

As a part of this new partnership, there will be a complimentary ‘Blacksmith’ card given to an All the Best reader each month in 2009. A drawing will take place and a winner will be announced on the 1st Monday of each month in 2009.

Additionally, there will be a giveaway of 6 Global Shortlist books to All the Best readers throughout 2009. A drawing will take place and a winner will be announced on the 3rd Monday of February, April, June, August, October and December.

To enter send an email to [] subject line: 'giveaway'
Only one entry per person per month. One reader will be chosen randomly each month.


###### said...

Already sent mine!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Congratulations on being included as a reviewer for this book!! I do share your love of hotels and inns and will be sure to look for it!

pve design said...

"Beam me up, Scotty" - (I could not resist!)
What a wonderful partnership and who but you is "all the best" to collaborate on this exciting globe-trotting 'giveaway.'
Off to enter -

megha said...

Already sent mine!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...


How did you get this gig? Oh, please tell me, so that I can try and apply for this job (and fail miserably). Congratulations!

I, too, love researching, reviewing, and dreaming about luxury hotels of the world. If only I could afford all of them. I want to win a membership and that global shortlist book!!!

-Jen of Folie a Deux

ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you for all of the kind words of congratulations!

Jen - I am most fortunate and Mr & Mrs Smith contacted me! I love this company and it's all very exciting!

MIMILEE said...

Very impressive, Ronda! I am so happy for you! This is so neat.....I will be sending my entry into the giveaway today!!
The Bowery looks divine....I will have to remember that!

Karena said...

Ronda, I am sending in for the contest right now. You are the best!

Rebecca Corvese said...

Hi Ronda, What a GREAT post and how wonderful that you were selected as a reviewer. I'm putting the Castello di Vicarello
on my travel list!

Sabina said...

How wonderful!! Looks amazing!!


jae said...

I think you should take a trip to one...or more....of these fabulous hotels to celebrate! Congratulations! It is a perfect match and I can't wait to hear and read more about it.

Tobi Fairley said...

This is Fabulous! I am so excited for you!! I want to win the give-away and also want to be an anonymous "reviewer"...I am quite envious!!! Can't wait to hear where you go for your trip!!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to start my summer vacation plans! Love the rich wall color at Bellinter House. I've always wanted to visit Ireland...

Easy and Elegant Life said...

You, Ms. Carman, are living. Congratulations!

Southern Aspirations said...

Fantastic partnership! Great travel inspirations, but I just love drooling over the decor, too. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the chance.