Monday, January 5

My Favorite Things: Thomas Burak

While the holiday season may be over for most, I thought that I would extend it for just a few more days and post two more ‘favorite things’ before taking down my holiday blog header.

One of my best memories, hands down, from 2008 is our Thanksgiving spent with Thomas Burak and Michael Devine. Not only is Thomas a brilliant interior designer, as evidenced by his home, he is a fabulous cook and tablescape artist. I’m not certain that ‘tablescape artist’ is an actual title, but it does accurately describe his artistic genius when it comes to flowers and tables.

You can also visit Eddie Ross’ blog to see more photos of Thomas’ beautiful handiwork.

Favorite gift to give?
I have a tendency to shop throughout the year for special things that remind me of the recipient. Perhaps a special pair of cufflinks, jewelry or accessory found at an antique show or flea market. I once found a beautiful cream damask tablecloth and napkins bordered in Bordeaux and rose. It was not only the perfect color but the monogram was MFB—my friend’s very initials.

Favorite gift to receive?
A phone call or an invitation to dinner from a friend that I haven't heard from or seen in a while and of course anything I receive from the love of my life, Michael Devine.

Favorite way to celebrate the holidays
I will have to ditto Michael's response to this question. Christmas Eve with Michael Rosenberg, Leonard Kowalski and Catherine Carter at our home in the country.

Favorite luxury
Time and more time to spend with Michael and friends. Over the holidays we put up our tree with friends and Kir Royales—festive and fun. That is luxury!

Favorite book
I am currently obsessed with the many design books that I received for a recent birthday.

Favorite holiday song?
We need a little Christmas from Auntie Mame. May not actually be considered a holiday song but I make it mine because we always need a little Christmas right this very minute!

Favorite holiday clothes?
I have a favorite Valentino red velvet shirt and a Valentino pearl grey silk shirt that I just had duplicated in Purple silk. These 3 glitzy shirts worn with grey flannels get me through the season.

Favorite cookie?
Nothing better than a great chocolate chip cookie. But, I would never turn down an oatmeal raisin or ginger snap or any cookie for that matter.

Favorite city?
Venice for the pure fantasy and Paris for its beauty, food and outdoor cafes. It's also so romantic. C' est magnifique!!!!!!!

Favorite movie?
Auntie Mame, the old girl knew how to live.

Favorite place to shop
The Paris Flea Market. It is such fun, I can always find something I don't need but want there.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Two more holiday postings! I just looked at Eddie's blog, and what a great table. Thomas and Michael make a great team.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture and post!!! he is such a sweetheart!!!

ALL THE BEST said...

Anne you are right, they are a great and talented pair!

ALL THE BEST said...

He truly is a sweetheart Eddie!!! Thomas is one of the BEST!

pve design said...

I am always delighted when two individuals with flair find one another to share life. Both are blessed with a gift and an eye. Thomas looks like such a gem.

Debra said...

Thank you letting us have a peek into a little more of Thomas' world. I enjoyed the Thanksgiving post on your visit and the fabulous dinner you and your family shared with these two gentle men.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful profile!! I am so glad to see a few more. These have been just great!

Joyce said...

Thanks for the post on Thomas. A very cute pic!It was fun reading about his favorite things. I love movie Auntie Mame!

Karena said...

I just love your "Favorite Things posts. A nice little peek into the lives of so many talented people.