Monday, February 16


For the past two weeks I have been completely engrossed in a major project, hopefully to debut on All the Best this week. I for one, honestly think this will be the most exciting blog feature to date. In fact, I have been so focused and consumed, I went off to London without my facial wash, flat iron or CAMERA!

The only photos that I do have are mobile uploads from my husbands iPhone. Regardless, it was an amazing few days away. We were in London for my first hotel review with Mr & Mrs Smith. I can’t give away any details until I file my review and it is posted to the Mr & Mrs Smith website, but in a word—Wow!

On Friday, after an amazing breakfast, I headed over to the Mr & Mrs Smith offices to meet with the founders James and Tamara and their wonderful team. I was quite impressed with the company ethos. We headed next-door for coffee and talked at length about travel, the hotel selection process, travel pet peeves and their move into the American market. I am thrilled to be partnering with the fantastic company and look forward to introducing you to some of the world’s best hotels.

After lunch I hopped on the Underground and made my way to the new Rug Company studio. From the moment I walked in I was kicking myself for not having my camera (luckily I will be there again next month). Wait until you see some of the new rugs and pillows—FAB! It’s always a treat to catch up with Susanna Joicey-Cecil who oversees public relations, just one of her many hats, and learn more about one of my favorite companies. We were also joined the mastermind herself, Suzanne Sharp. This was the first time Suzanne and I have met in person. She has been one of my style icons for ages, so imagine my surprise when she declared herself one of my biggest "fans". I was most honored and humbled.

Before calling it a day and heading back to the hotel I had coffee/tea with Monika Biegler Eyers, who just happens to live a few streets over from The Rug Company—lucky girl.

Off to work...I would like to launch this new feature before I leave for the States on Thursday. Next month I promise not to forget my camera!



Tamara said...

Hi Ronda
It was lovely to meet you in person - looking forward to reading your review.
And wow - that's a really great moody sky shot - was that taken on the iphone too?

Velvet and Linen said...

What a fun day.
What a treat to meet Ms. Sharp. I am a huge fan of the Rug Co. I have been fortunate to have used a couple of their beautiful creations in a home that I am designing.
Thank you for taking us with you!


ALL THE BEST said...

Tamara - it was taken with the iPhone. My husband is a pretty good photographer. Even with his phone! :-)

ALL THE BEST said...

Oh Brooke, lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

The cream always rises to the top. So happy to hear that others are discovering what we already know—you are the BEST!

Karena said...

Ronda, I can't wait to see , very intrigued!

jae said...

Will be waiting and watching for the big news. No doubts it will be fantastic. I really like what Anne said....I'm happy all the best is happening for you!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Can't wait to see the new feature! The camera AND the straight iron? You were excited.

Laura said...

Oh I absolutely adore the Rug Company...Lisa from A Bloomsbury Life turned me onto it and I've been hooked on that website ever since!

Tobi Fairley said...

Not bad photos for an I-phone! I am on the edge of my seat awaiting this fab post you are working on!! So glad you had a fun trip!! I am off to LA and Palm Springs tomorrow am. Didn't know you were coming to the me with the details! I would love to hear them.Or just call me later like we planned for today.