Thursday, February 19

Off to Texas via Amsterdam

I should be on my way to Texas. However, I am temporarily delayed in the Amsterdam airport watching the snow fall. I suppose it's better than watching paint dry. I would rather be out and about exploring Amsterdam, thank goodness for wine and my MacBook Pro. It should help pass the time. I have several great profiles coming up in a few days, and I hope to meet with fellow blogger while I am in Houston. Many thanks for all of the wonderful emails yesterday regarding the List! I am really excited about this labor of love.

My best to all of you!


michelle said...

Oh, I love Amsterdam...Vondelpark, Rhikesmuseum...too bad you can't get out to play.

My husband is also there at the moment.

Have fun in Houston! Are you meeting Joni?

pve design said...

Only wish I were delayed next to you. Often in these unexpected moments are when we have time to stew, and to simmer down. Simmering down is good.
Safe travels.

Leslie Rowlands said...

What a pretty serene scene!
It makes me want to pack my bags!
lamaisonfou blog

Mari' said...

You've posted a great picture! I love B&W photography.

Ron ( the Netherlands) said...

Hi Rhonda,

You were so close!! Only 25 minutes! I live just south of Shiphol airport. Next time when you have some extra time, call me and I will pick you up and show you Amsterdam or Leiden. If you are going to see Joni, do say hi. We missed eachother last December when I was in Houston.
Dinner tip; Ouisie's. Visit tip; Bayou Bend. Enjoy.
Ron ( empel collections)

Karena said...

I love that photograph! Magical & mystical! Have fun on your travels!