Tuesday, January 9

Confit Pots

Confit is a term that comes from the French verb confire (to preserve). Some say the preservation method originated in Perigord where parts of the goose not used for foie gras where stored in glazed earthenware pots. Part of the charm behind the beautiful green and yellow French confit pot is the hundred plus years of history and usage. The wear and chips only authenticate their age. Confit pots look especially striking with an orchid tucked inside.


style court said...

I have a few of these myself. They also look amazing filled with peonies or giant garden roses :)

all the best said...

Now that I'm living in the UK (and closer to France) I hope to add more to my collection! :-)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I love the blue and the white ones the best!