Thursday, January 11

Suzi Roher

Suzi Roher handmade belts have been an open secret with style connoisseurs since they first appeared on the scene over 24 years ago.

Designer Suzi Roher creates eclectic, handmade belts in the belief that women appreciate an element of style and fantasy. 
Each creation is crafted in the European atelier tradition.

Today, Suzi Roher’s handmade belts can be found at prestigious merchants throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. The belt in the top photo can be found at Neiman Marcus. The bottom photo is available from Searle NYC.COM


style court said...

Nice. Makes me think of Ricky Lauren and some of the offerings at

ALL THE BEST said... is a nice site, thanks.

style court said...

Love the new image you added, top!

ALL THE BEST said...

Style Court, I WANT, WANT, WANT that belt (top image). But, I need to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!