Thursday, January 11

Posh Pets

There are millions of dog-owning people on this planet, but not all are dog people. Dog people are instantly recognizable by one another. They gravitate to each other like magnets in a crowd and nod in understanding when you comment that you like people who like your dog and despise people who don't. You carry dog biscuits in your purse or pocket at all times and sign Christmas cards from your dog.

It’s ridiculous, I know! I’m one of those people, and I’ll be the first to admit that some people have gone a little too far. Take dog fashion for example. There is a fine line between Terrific and Tacky! I don’t really understand the thinking behind dressing dogs, unless the climate calls for such. And all those crazy collars…don’t get me started. Thank goodness there are still some fantastic (and tasteful) alternatives for those with discerning taste.

For unique bedding and accessories visit Furry Little Monsters (a US website).

On this side of the pond visit Love My Dog. A collection of contemporary dog coats, made with traditional influences and fabrics. All the collars and leads are hand crafted by traditional British belt-makers.


holly said...

wow! i just ordered that bed for my pup yesterday! glad it meets your approval!!

erin said...

One of my favorite Web sites for all things dog here in the U.S. is George. THe items are cute but not "cutesy" like most pet stores. I'm in love with the French sailor dog sweater.