Saturday, January 13

Katharine Pooley

I first learned of interior designer Katharine Pooley in December 2004 on my first trip to Scotland. The talented Katharine has led a peripatetic life. She worked as a banker in Asia for 15 years and has visited 179 countries. Unsurprisingly, this has influenced her distinctive approach to design. Her style is all about mixing up classic furniture, luxurious textures and unusual objects.

Her shop in Chelsea, London is dedicated to luxurious living and interiors, selling furnishings from Vietnamese tableware to Japanese antique kimono cushions and offers an upmarket interior design service inspired by her travels.


style court said...

Love this! Many thanks for the introduction.

My Marrakech said...

This looks *amazing*. Look at that console table! Wowza!

PS I am linking you!

Michele said...

Love this boutique!