Tuesday, January 9

Thread count

Thread count has for several years been a buzzword in bedding. Let’s face it, at one point it actually got to be something of a status symbol, a “my sheets have more threads than yours” sort of thing as manufacturers and retailers, in order to sell more sheets, pushed the issue.

So what exactly is thread count? It is simply a measure of how many threadsare woven into one square inch of fabric. The thread count of “standard” cotton or muslin is around 150; good-quality sheets start at 180-thread count; and a count of 200 and higher is considered percale.

Fine linens begin with fine cotton, and the quality of the cotton depends on the lengths of the individual fibers, or staples—the longer the staple, the better the cotton. 100% Egyptian cotton is acknowledged as the best quality, longest-staple cotton in the world. Although historically it all came from Egypt, today “Egyptian” cotton is also produced in other countries. It still complies with the original Egyptian standards of quality.

Be aware that the type of cotton presents another area in which labels can be misleading—some may say Egyptian cotton, but in fact may contain only one percent. Look for labels that say 100% or pure Egyptian cotton.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful site with great information.

pinkmohair said...

Interesting post. I recently read that after 600 thread count it was all a marketing ploy. So, $400 for 1200 thread count sheets (not found at Target) are a waste of the status-seeker's moola.

all the best said...

I’ve read the same thing. Here is what nymag.com says: 
Design editors' dirty little secret is that they're all in bed with Martha Stewart. Her sheets, that is. Ever since the do-it-yourself maven launched her bedding collection for Kmart years ago, those in the know have made the pilgrimage to snap up sheets (ranging from $32.99 to $92.97 for queen sheet sets). We're fans of the five-star (250-thread-count pima cotton) bedding, which just gets softer with each washing.

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Gorgeous blog. I can't wait to see what's next.


all the best said...

Thanks Anna. It's been fun starting this blog.

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beautiful blog...I think I'll set camp in the bed above!

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That makes two of us, I love that bed!

Anna said...

You know, I had to comment again. That makes 3 of us in the bed!!! I love it too!! Every time I click onto your blog I go down and have another look at that gorgeous bed.