Wednesday, January 24


I've been tagged by too cute Jessica at I Do Declare (Southern Fried Fashion for the Rebellious Debutante)—love that tag line!

So, what are the top six weird things about me? This should be easy, but I’m struggling. If my husband were awake I’m sure he could rattle several off very quickly.

1. In the winter I have a cup of soup everyday around 10 am and I LOVE leftovers for breakfast (especially cold stir-fry).

2. I pay an outrageous amount of money to have my hair professional straightened (nothing beats Japanese Thermal Reconditioning). It’s changed my life!

3. I have 10 years worth of binders that I have filled with magazine clippings of houses, gardens, recipes and clothing. I refuse to part with any of them. I even moved them to the UK from the States.

4. I probably own 50 tubes of lipstick (30 of which I bought when I was pregnant) but only wear 2 of the shades (Bobbi Brown Raspberry Shimmer and Cherry Cognac).

5. We lived in our previous house 5 years and each room was painted at least 4 times (by yours truly). I even had my own account at the local hardware store.

6. I start listening to Christmas music in September.

There it is…I’m sure the list could go on. I am now tagging (if they have not been tagged before) The Peak of Chic, Design DNA and Style Court. And Jessica, send me an email. I want to profile your blog!


Anna said...

Ronda, I am exactly the same as you with the Christmas carol tradition. My husband thinks I am stark raving mad!! But, it makes me happy because Christmas time is my favourite time of year and why not start it as early as we can!! Here's to Christmas carols in September!!

ALL THE BEST said...

Anna, when my husband read my blog this morning, his comment was, "that's not true, you start Christmas music in July!" A bit of an exaggeration on his part, but it does put me in the BEST mood!

Anna said...

That's funny. I'm going to email you in September to see if you're listening to the carols yet!!

The Peak of Chic said...

I'm right there with you on the Christmas music and the copious amounts of magazine clippings! Now I need to go narrow down what is weird about me!

ALL THE BEST said...

I'm starting to believe that maybe I'm not so weird after all! I just need to be around more "normal" likeminded individuals! :-)

ZOE said...

Hello, I discovered your blogs few weeks ago and I'm lovely!!! I put it in my blogroll.
I have a question I think, meaby you could help me, next month I will go to London, would you recomended me some shops of decoration or furniture that anyone shoul`t loss it. Any market??
what do you think are the amazing decoration shops in London?
Thank you so much for your help and sorry about my english.zoe.

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi Zoe,
Welcome! I do not know London well, but I will put out a call to people who do and see what I can find out. I'll do a post on London this weekend.
If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

ZOE said...

thank you so much!! I don´t know why I thought that you are from London anyway I wait for your post, thanks again.

ALL THE BEST said...

Hi Zoe, I am in the UK (just not London) :-)

Elizabeth H. said...

I would listen to Christmas music in September, but my husband puts the CDs in storage with the ornaments.

ALL THE BEST said...

Make sure you keep the Christmas CDs held back next year or download a few from iTunes! :-)