Monday, March 31

Profile: Frank Roop

Frank Roop is fast becoming one of my favorite designers. I adore his style, sensibility and subtly appropriate use of color. Glamorous, balanced and refined are all appropriate words to describe the interiors designed by this brilliant designer and yet they fall short as an accurate depiction. What I am most drawn to is the worldly mix of furniture and furnishings in his interiors, all of which are either antique or Frank’s own exclusive design.

Inspired by all periods and styles of interiors Frank began his firm in 1998 after a career in fine men’s specialty store retailing. Since launching his firm many of his projects have been featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home, Veranda, Traditional Home and Gourmet.

In 2003 Frank was named by House Beautiful as one of the top 25 young designers in America and in 2004 he was included in their list of the top 120 designers in the United States. You can see more of Frank’s work in the April 2008 issue of House Beautiful.

How would you describe your personal style?
My aesthetic eye is always changing so that is sort of tough question to answer specifically. Overall I would have to say I love luxury that isn’t pretentious. For instance I like linen upholstery with silk velvet pillows. I also try to put together colors that aren’t ‘matchy’, but look good together. Things that look too studied are boring to me.

What is the one thing in life you can’t live without?
My wife, she is and always has been there for me (although she probably shouldn’t be described as a thing). I definitely wouldn’t have gone into interiors if it weren’t for her encouragement.

What books are currently on your bedside table?
I just finished a book on vacation called The Collectors by David Baldacci that was pretty entertaining. Sadly I have to admit I’m not as big a reader as I should be. I’m generally working late into the night on designs for my clients.

What inspires your designs and creativity?
Of course traveling I always find inspiring. I love Paris and the mix of old and new. I’m inspired by classics and things that are cutting edge. I enjoy finding out what the younger generation thinks is interesting.

My designs are greatly inspired by clothing. So when I’m traveling I pay attention to different fashions. I try to design rooms that my clients look and feel sophisticated in… clients inspire me. I try very hard to keep and open mind. Learning about something new inspires me.

Who would you most like to meet and how would you spend the day?
Eric Clapton. He could give me guitar lessons…that would be pretty cool.

What is your favourite luxury in life?
A nice fire in fireplace, a really good glass of wine, great music.

What is your most prized possession?
The little hair I have left!!!!!

Who are your style icons?
Interior designers past and present—Frederic Mechiche, Christian Liaigre, Madeleine Castaing, John Saladino.

Fashion designers—Dries Van Noten or anyone who is creating something new, different or just beautiful.

My old boss Murray Pearlstein owner of Louis (the hippest old guy I ever knew).

What is your idea of earthly happiness?
Getting a good night’s sleep.

Profile by Ronda Carman


Anonymous said...

I have long been a fan of Frank Roop. Nice interview.

The Peak of Chic said...

Great interview. He seems quite genuine, and he has a good sense of humor! I would agree with his choice of style icons, particularly Castaing!

Anonymous said...

Oh so inspirational! Thanks for sharing such a great interwiev.

Anonymous said...

Frank is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing more. I'm off to get the HB issue.

ALL THE BEST said...

I'm so glad you liked the profile, he is a great designer.

Jennifer I concur!!

Pigtown*Design said...

Another new one! I love his look.

Pink Wallpaper said...

beautiful interiors...i especially love the first pic.

Suzy said...

Great interview Ronda, he's a great designer. Hope we see more of his work published in the near future. This month's House Beautiful was an unexpected treat.

annechovie said...

Great interview, Ronda. I like Frank's style and the fact that, while he's sophisticated, he also seems unaffected and down-to-earth. What he said about his wife is refreshing and I dig his pink shirt!

suzannemarques said...

wonderful interview! i echo the sentiment that he has great taste, but a lovely down to earth quality. roop fan here.

SimplyGrove said...

He is a great designer! I am a huge fan. Thank you for the interview!

Material Girls said...

The second and third photos are in my binder of favorite designs..I love his style! I never knew who designed those rooms- he's quite talented!
Emily @ Material Girls