Saturday, July 28

Shopping on Saturday

There's far more to British food than sliced white bread and baked beans, just ask Safia and Ian Thomas, owners of A. Gold a tiny London shop showcasing the traditional foods of Britain.

Forget fish and chips instead think of a country kitchen filled with lemon curd tartlets, mouth-watering hams, cheeses, pickles and pies. Safia and Ian have scoured the United Kingdom for people producing high-quality food in small amounts, using the best ingredients and traditional recipes. A. Gold has also become a flagship for endangered British foods such as clootie dumplings, Scotch Black Bun and Banbury cakes.

Visit A. Gold online for a visual delight, regional breakdown of foods, plus a little history.

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Fairfax said...

Eccles cakes, welsh cakes, fly cemetaries... good bread from waitrose.... there used to be a gourmet store near my office at Kings London. Komindor & something, i think!