Monday, July 2

Summer Reading

Is there any greater pleasure than sitting outside on a warm afternoon with a page-turner? Perhaps the only thing better (in my opinion) is lying on the beach with a fantastic read. And, seeing as how I plan to be on the beaches of Mallorca in a matter of weeks, I decide to head to Borders over the weekend in search for the perfect book. As always there was an overabundant supply of engrossing titles concealed behind brightly colored covers. After several hours I’ve narrowed it down to 3 that seem to have potential:

Kiss & Tango: Looking for Love in Buenos Aires
by Marina Palmer
A former Manhattan ad exec abandons the Upper East Side for the tango halls of Buenos Aires.

Our Love Affairs with Food and Travel
by Brenda C. Hill and Maralyn D. Hill

Two authors share travel tales and 200 delectable recipes from chefs worldwide. Famous chefs are featured along with new emerging chefs from rustic Tuscan farmhouses, the Fijian Islands, and well-known culinary schools including Cordon Bleu. The authors have travelled the world to break bread, sip wine, and learn the stories and secrets of nearly 100 chefs.

Extremely Pale Rose: A Very French Adventure
by Jamie Ivey

A chance conversation with a Provencal vigneron leads to the most unlikely of quests - a hunt to find France's palest rosé.

Extremely Pale Rose is a richly entertaining and informative account of the travels of Jamie, his wife Tanya, and their ebullient friend Peter Tate. Giving up their lives in London, they quickly discover an unfortunate truth - the French won't treat rosé or their quest seriously. Rosé is seen as a poor cousin to red and white wine, drunk largely as an apertif or to wash away the taste of spicy food. And although for many Brits pale rose has come to epitomise the south of France, French wine connoisseurs view it as flavourless water fit only for tourists.

Visit the blog: Extremely Pale Rose

So, what’s in your beach bag?


The Peak of Chic said...

You're back!!! I wondered where you had been. So glad to see that you are posting again! And I'm heading to the beach this week and will be reading "The Last Mrs. Astor".

ALL THE BEST said...

Yes, I am back. I started a full-time, overwhelming (but completely wonderful job) at the same time I started by blog. In the end it turned out to be just too much. But now it’s summer, things have slowed down quite a bit and I have missed blogging and all my ‘blogging friends’. The Last Mrs. Astor is on my never ending reading list!

Fairfax said...

Welcome back... Hope you weren't in GLasgow this weekend... I've been thinking of you all and sending good wishes your way.

ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you fairfax!! It's all been a bit unnerving, but thank goodness we are not travelling for another week! Thanks for your well wishes!!

J Lee said...

thanks for visiting my blog all the best! i'm loving yours :)

and yes, i must agree. nothing beats a nice summer day on the beach with a great drink and a great book! =) said...

I have just finisihed reading The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham. I got the book after I had seen the movie by the same name. Edward Norton & Naomi Watts were superb in the movie and the cinematography magical.

katiedid said...

I am realtively new to the blogosphere and am so glad you visited my blog so I could learn about yours! I will be returning regularly and am adding you to my blog list. Wonderful blog! And at the moment I am reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

midcenturyjo said...

I'm so glad you're back. I missed your posting. More everyday stops to fit in. Shouldn't be too hard!