Wednesday, July 4

Summer Homes

photos Coastal Living & Elle Decor

Summer Hot Spots
Maines Mount Desert
From generations of Rockefellers to Martha Stewart, Maine's Mount Desert Island has served as a getaway for the vacationing elite.

Nantucket Massachusetts
Only 50 square miles in size, Nantucket Island, off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, is one of the most popular second-home destinations for vacationing clam-baking New Englanders.

The Hamptons New York
Proximity to Manhattan and a long history of extravagant vacationing makes the Eastern coast of Long Island popular destination.

Newport, Rhode Island

A place where summering is a sport. After all, this Rhode Island seaside enclave is where tobacco heiress Doris Duke once kept a pair of Arabian camels in her antiques-filled home. One favorite pastime for locals is repairing to the polo field for a sip of bubbly and a peek at a match.

Cap d'Antibes The French Riviera
The French Riviera has long been headquarters for opulent vacations, as everyone from Grace Kelley and Kylie Minogue to the Duke of Windsor and King Farouk of Egypt.


Fairfax said...

Happy 4th!!! Do something special for yourself today!

katiedid said...

Lovely images. I love the white kitchen! (Mine will be done soon i hope!)

girl meets glamour said...

Love these images! Esp. the white kitchen, hoping mine will end up very similar once it's done :) Have a great holiday ! said...

Love the ruffled umbrella, ivy, and headless statues in the first picture.... nice post. And judging from the two comments before mine that white kitchens are happening.

The Peak of Chic said...

Love all of the photos you chose. And I'm a big fan of Newport!